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Violas range in size from very large ones at 17 inches or more, down to even 13" violas for kids.

I have many violas in a variety of sizes, models, and price ranges. 



15" Violas:

Savannah Strings- Gasparo Da Salo models

"Avalon Prodigy" Beijing, China, 2004 $1800

"Carl De Luca" West Coast String Instruments, China,  2014

"Santoro Lucci" West Coast Strings-China- 2003  $1600.00

Workshop of Ming Jiang Zhu, Guangzhu China, 2016 $3300.00

15 1/2" VIOLAS:

Savannah Strings, Gasparo Da Salo models.

A fine viola by Peter Yang of Chicago, 2006

Workshop of Steven Cundall, Texas- "Giorgio Luigi Belloso" 2006  

Workshop of Ming Jiang Zhu, Guangzhu, China, 

Andreas Eastman

16" Violas:

Gustav August Ficker, Germany, 1965

Roman Teller, Germany, 1979

Steven Cundall Workshop, Texas, 2006

Workshop of Ming Jiang Zhu, Guangzhu China 2016 $3400.00 Mr. Zhu is a multiple award winner at VSA competions.

"Vito Rossi", West Coast String Instruments, China, 2016 $2500.00

"Avalon" "From the bench of Guy Cole",  1999. $4000.00

Savannah strings, Gasparo Da Salo models.

16 1/8 " Violas

16 1/4" viola from Pablo Alfaro from Atlanta, Georgia.  Pablo has won many awards, and is a fine musician as well as a fine maker.

16 1/2" Violas

William Robert Scott, Minneapolis, 1999. $16,000.00.  The body length is 16 5/16".  The string length is 14 3/4" (or 375 mm).    Bill Scott is one of the best of the current American makers and is a multiple award winner at VSA competitions, having achieved the coveted "Hors Concours" status with the Violin Society of America.

Ming Jiang Zhu, China, modleled after Andrea Guarneri

Savannah Strings, Gasparo Da Salo models.

16 5/8" Violas

A fine viola by Brian Skarstad of New York.  Maggini model.

16 3/4" Violas

A viola by Ivan Stankov, Kazanlak, Bulgaria, 2013, $6500.00





Gold medal for Viola Workmanship ~ 1980
Gold medal for Viola Workmanship ~ 1982
Gold medal for Violin Workmanship ~ 1982
Gold medal for Violin Sound ~1982
“Hors Concours” status ~ 1984
Distinction given to makers who have won 3 or more gold medals at VSA competitions
Violin Society of America Workmanship Judge ~ International Violin Making Competition – 1986, 1996
International Society of Bassists Workmanship Judge  ~ Bass Making Competition – 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009
Art of Sound Workmanship Judge  ~ Violin Making Competition – 2012
Published Articles
Hargrave, Amos. “Localized Corrections in Top and Back Plates before or instead of Making Plaster Moulds.” The Conservation, Restoration, and Repair of Stringed Instruments and Their Bows. Ed. Tom Wilder. Vol 2. Archetype Publications Ltd: 2011.This is a clean viola made in the style of Goffriller.Gottfried Raabs, Bubenreuth, Germany, 1987 $4,000.00Workshop of Steven Cundall, Texas, 2008 $4500.00Ming Jiang Zhu, Guangzhou, China, 2012  several sizes and grades.Many More violas are available and will be added soon!

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