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Instruments and bows available

I carry a wide array of instruments and bows for professional, amateur and student players…from full size violins down to 1/8th size as well as all sizes of violas and cellos. Check the individual listings for Violins, Violas, and Cellos in their own sections of my website for a more complete listing.

Check individual categories for more detailed descriptions of instruments and bows.

In Stock and for sale:

Children's sizes, from 1/32 size up to full size.

Looking for a 3/4 size violin?

I currently have 36 3/4 size violins available, along with cases and bows!

Full size violins:

 A violin by Leandro Bisiach, Milan, 1912.

Leandro Bisiach was one of the most influencial violin makers in Italy during his lifetime.  

The violin retains its original signed label. 

Photos and Certificate of authenticity courtesy of Christopher Reuning.

The violin has been owned by the same family since 1919, and is in excellent condition.  It is in an excellent state of preservation due to its not being used regularly for many years.

A violin by Lothar Meisel, made in Owatonna, Minnesota in 2002.  This is one of the nicest Meisel violins I have encountered.  Lothar was the last of nine generations of violin makers, originally from Germany. Not to be confused with the commercial violins also marketed as Meisel violins, Lothar's violins were made by hand in his shop by him alone.  The violin is in excellent condition and has great sound potential for the right player.

A very old violin labelled Aegidius Kloz, probably by a member of the Kloz family.  The violin is slightly smaller in its dimensions, making it more comfortable to play for the right person.  Excellent condition. If you are looking for an older violin, check this one out.

Cortese, Andrea, 1953.

Hickerson, Vernon, 1969.

Hickerson, Vernon, 1982.

Melanson, Raymond, Boston- 1986,  Guarneri model.

Germain, Christopher, Philadelphia, 2011, Kreisler Guarneri model-  Sold

Montanari, Pio, -Genoa, Italy, 2007 Guarneri model

Frederick Ewald Haenel 1939.  Made for The Rudolph Wurlitzer company. Stradivari model.

Rossow, Steve, Saint Paul, Mn. 2012.

Roth, Ernst Heinrich- Markneukirchen, Germany

Monnig, Fritz,  ca. 1920-1930, Markneukirchen, Germany.  Fritz Monnig was born in 1890 in Markneukirchen, and worked in Hamburg, and Berlin before earning his masters degree in 1913.  He is a highly regarded maker.  

Mathias Dahl violin- Minneapoils- 1949

Mathias Dahl violin- Minneapolis- 1959

Mathias Dahl violin- Minneapolis- 1966 Guarneri model

Mathias Dahl violin- Minneapolis- 1966 Amati model

Albert Carl Muller violin- Sacramento, Ca. 1980



A viola by John Tartaglia- Made in Minneapolis in 1998.

     John Tartaglia was a violist with the Minnesota Orchestra for many years.  He made a few violas as a sideline.  This one is a good large viola (17") for someone who can handle a large viola.  

Two Mathias Dahl violas- Minneapolis- 1951, and 1967-

     These two violas were built by Dahl on his own model.  The viola he made in 1951 is pictured in the book "Violin and Bow Makers of Minnesota"  a publication of the Schubert Club Museum.

Brian Skarstad viola- New York-

     A viola showing inspiration from the Brescian influence (Giovanni Paolo Maggini, and GAspar Da Salo). The viola has a beautiful one piece maple back, with matching sides, neck, and scroll.  

Benjamin Ruth, Viola, 1996 numbered #122 on the label. 16 5/8 ".

     Another Brescian influenced viola, with inspirations of Cremona as well.  The sound has been described as velvety and rich, like dark chocolate, with evenness across the four strings. 


15" Violas:

  "Santuro Lucci" West Coast Strings-China- 2003  $1600.00

15 1/2' VIOLAS:

Workshop of Steven Cundall, Texas- "Giorgio Luigi Belloso" 2004 $4200.00

Workshop of Steven Cundall, Texas- "Giorgio Luigi Belloso" 2006 $4580.00

A viola by Peter Yang of Chicago.  

15 1/2" -16 1/8" Violas-

A fine viola by Edwin Halloran, Chicago, 2015.  15 7/8".  Coming soon.

A fine viola by William Whedbee, Chicago, 1991. 16". Sold

Ruth, Benjamin, Viola, 16 5/8 inches.  A very fine viola by this well established East coast maker.

Scott, William Robert - Viola, 16 1/8".  Made in Minneapolis in 2006.  Winner of a Gold Medal at VSA in that year.  Guadagnini model.

I have many more 16" violas.  I just haven't listed them.  I will add more as I have time.

Full size violin bows by such makers as, Roger Zabinski, Lee Guthrie, Matthew Wehling, David Forbes, Manoel Francisco, Joseph Halligan, Martin Beilke, Arcos Brasil, Alfred Knoll,  J. P. Gabriel,  Horst John, Marco Raposo, Erich Steiner, Alfred Knoll, and many others.

My inventory of older bows includes bows by many different makers including, Francois Nicholas Voirin,Louis Morizot, Martin Beilke, Silvestre and Maucatel, W.E.Hill &Sons, and many more. 

 Please call for current availability. 

My inventory of new violins usually currently instruments by many different makers. You will find instruments by contemporary American makers such as Chris Germain, Steve Rossow, Lisbeth Nelson Butler, and George Yu of Canada, 

I am currently offering Italian violins-

  Pio Montanari- Guarneri model violin made in Genoa.  This is a new violin and has not been antiqued.  The price is $16.000.00.  Comes with a certificate from the maker.


Zumberge, Scott, Minneapolis, 1982.  The sound of this cello is warm and full.

Mathias Dahl, Minneapolis, 1965- "The Dahl Stradivarius".

Mathias Dahl, Minneapolis, 1942.

Paul Hart, Salt Lake City, 1996,

Phillip Soltis, Northfield, Mn.  2014.

Clemente & Weise, Germany

Ivan Dunov, Reghin, Romania

Wenzel Fuchs, Germany, 1969

Ming Jiang Zhu, Guangzhou, China, Montagnana model

Instruments and bows are available in most price ranges. if you don't see what you are interested in listed, please call or send me a message. I may have what you need.  

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