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I offer a variety of instruments of different types to all levels of musicians, for professional, amateurs and student players…from full size violins down to 1/8th size as well as all sizes of violas and cellos.

In Stock and for sale:

Full size violins;

Ferdinand Gagliano, made in Naples, Italy. Dated 1753.

Ferdinand Gagliano was the son of Nicolo Gagliano, and the Grandson of Alessandro Gagliano, who was the founder of the Gagliano dynesty of violin makers.  They were the most important violin makers of their time in Naples.  In very good playing condition.  Call for price and availability.

One of the most innovative and technologically advanced violins ever made is now available again.

For more information, see my page on the "Betts Project".  Call for price and availablity.

Peresson, Sergio, Haddenfield, New Jersey, 1985.

The violin was made by Sergio Peresson.  Peresson was born in Udine, Italy, in 1913.  He died in 1991. 

He worked for William Moennig from 1963 to 1971 in Philadelphia.  He was a prolific maker who counted among his clients Jacqueline DuPré and Rostropovich.   

The violin was the property of Stephen Kujawa, who was born in 1921, and died in 2005. 

Kujawa was the son of a violin maker Stephen Kujawa, Sr., (1886-1980).  Stephen (Jr.) started playing violin at age 4.  The violin was made for him by Peresson in 1985, and he played it until he passed away.  He studied with Victor Aitay, Co-Concertmaster of the Chicago Symphony.  He played as first violin for eight seasons with the Messiah Orchestra under Margaret Hillis, Music Director of the Chicago Symphony Chorus.  In 1987, he played first violin in the First American Congress Orchestra conducted by Sir Yehudi Menuhin.  The orchestra was based at College Park, Maryland.  Stephen performed solo at Carnegie Hall in 1991, playing his Peresson violin.  

Oreste Candi, Bologna, Italy, 1930,  Fully certified.  Great condition.  One owner.  

Thomas Fawick, Cleveland, Ohio, 1957.  Thomas Fawick was a musician, successful industrialist, and inventor, born in 1889.  Passionate about music, he owned the famous "Wilhelmj" Stradivarius violin of 1725, named after the great German virtuoso who previously owned it.

Fawick experimented extensively with violin making, using his Stradivarius as a model, and came up with a plan to produce new violins using carefully chosen treated wood.  The parts were made in the shop of Paul Hilaire in Paris, and sent to workers in Cleveland, Ohio, where they were varnished and set up.  

If you compare the Fawick instruments with the ones from the shop of Hilaire, you can see the same careful workmanship.  

This violin is in great condition, and even has its original sound post.  

A violin made by Andrea Cortese, 1952.  This is a vintage Italian violin.  Call for price.

Lothar Meisel, Owatonna, Minnesota, 2002.  Lothar was the last of nine generations of a German violin making family.  This one is in great condition, and is one of the nicest violins I've seen from Mr. Meisel.  


Archibald S. Hill

Archibald S. Hill was born in Ballarat, Australia, started playing violin at age nine, and made his first violin at age 11.  He moved to the US and worked in several violin shops before settling in Yakima, Washington ca. 1960.  He reportedly made 79 instruments.   The violin has a unique stamp on the back with the initials A.S.H.  

The violin was played for many years in various orchestras in Wisconsin before coming in for sale after the passing of the owner who loved it dearly.


Azzo Rovescalli, 1927.  Rovescalli was born in Cremona, Italy, in 1880, and died in Milan in 1941.  He worked in Milan.  He completed more than 300 violins and several violas and cellos.  This violin has a beautiful one-piece native Italian maple back.  $15,000

Trimboli, Pietro, Bologna, Italy, 1999

This is a clean authentic Italian violin in excellent condition.  

Haenel, Frederick, Toronto, Canada, 1939

Haenel was born in Saxony, Germany.   He started making instruments in 1917.  He stopped making instruments in about 1960.  During his career, he had violin shops in Winnipeg, Toronto, Buffalo, New York, New York City, and Boston.  His instruments were popular in the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Melanson, Raymond- Boston, 1986-

This is a great example of Mr. Melanson's work.  It is the Guarneri model that he has developed after many years.  It has a beautiful one-piece back, and is tastefully antiqued.  Excellent condition.  $13,000. 

Montanari, Pio, Genoa, Italy, 2007-  Guarneri model, two-piece back.  New, mint condition.  I first met Mr. Montanari at a convention of violin makers in Ithaca New York.  I was impressed by his work, and have stayed in touch for many years.  This would be a very good investment.  $15,000.00

Monnig, Fritz,  ca. 1920-1930, Markneukirchen, Germany. 

From the Brompton's Gook of Violin and Bow Makers book-

Monnig, Fritz b.1890 Markneukirchen.  Pupil of M. Schmidt, worked for A Hollinger in Kiel, G. Winterling in Hamburg, and Hammig in Berlin.  Master of the Luthiers guild 1913.  Fine copies of classical models.  Highly regarded repairer anbd restorer."

Muller, Albert Carl,

This violin was made in Sacramento, California, 1980.  It was played for many years by a professional musician in Nebraska.  Muller was at one time the west coast representative for Emil Herrmann.  He made more than 200 violins, about 50 violas, and 20 cellos.  Professional maker, winner of multiple international awards.  Sold.


Christian Brandenburg, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1997- $5000.00

Tetsuya Kimura, Hellifield, UK. 2006. $10,000  Mr. Kimura was professionally trained in the UK and has his own shop now in Japan.

Roth, Ernst Heinrich- Markneukirchen, Germany- 1924

Ernst Heinrich Roth, Markneukirchen, Germany, 1927 $8000.00


Scott Zumberge, Minneapolis, 1983-$4000.  Scott Zumberge was a violin maker, repairer, and a bow repairmain.  

John Juzek, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1956

Anton Sandner, Beubenreuth, Germany, 1971

Franz Sandner, Ranheim, Germany, 1999 $2700

Walter Mahr, Beubenreuth, Germany, 1999 $2500.00

Snow, Beijing, China, 2013 $2800

Heinrich Gill, Bubenreuth, Germany, 2015, $2900

Workshop of multiple award winner Ming Jiang Zhu, Guangzhu, China, 2015- $3800

Workshop of multiple award winner Ming Jiang Zhu, Guangzhu, China, 2016, $3600

Workshop of multiple award winner Ming Jiang Zhu, Guangzhu, China, 2015, $3800

Many instruments are available and will be added soon.  Some are new and some are old.  

Up to $2500.00-

Karl Herrmann, Erlbach Germany, 1960

"Great Wall Violins"  Guarneri model, one-piece back, China, 2016 $900.00

"Great Wall Violins" Guarneri model one-piece back, China, 2014 $900

Snow Model SV200 Beijing, China, 2002 $950

Century Strings model V650 China, 2014 $1360

West Coast Strings, "Dario Giovanni", 2017, China, one-piece back.

"Camillo Callegari", China, 2017, $1900.00

West Coast Strings, China, "Sandro Luciano", 2008, one-piece back, $1400

Frantisek Herclik, Sedlec Czech Republic, 1939, $2000.00

Savannah Strings, Beijing China.  

3/4 Size Violins;

I have many 3/4 violins in the shop for sale.  Prices are from $300.00 to $3500.00.  I list just a few here.

A violin from the worksops of Jerome Thibouville Lamy, Mirecourt, France, before 1902. $3000

"Johannes Kohr" K500 1999. $650

A violin by Phan Than Tien (Scott P.) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with a handsome one-piece back.  $600. 

Scott Cao, Model STV017E China, 2009, $500

1/2 size violins

Many more violins are available.  Prices range from $300 to  $2000.00.  Call for details.

(651) 698-4692



I currently have 36 3/4 size violins available, along with a great selection of cases and bows.  Below are a few of the makers.

"Da Vinci" Sofia Bulgaria, Silvio Marinov, Bulgaria, Scott Cao (several examples), Clemente & Weise, Germany, Scott & Shangming, E. R. Pfretzschner, Bernd Dimbath, Los Angeles Strings "Frank Denti", Phan Thanh Tien, Peter Steinhaus, Johannes Kohr (several examples), Forest.

1/2 size violins;

West Coast Strings "Peter Kaufmann", Avalon, A. R. Seidel, Scott Cao (several examples), Pfretzschner, 

1/4 size violins;

Tanglewood Strings, China 2008 $400

Suzuki Nagoya, Japan, $300

K.C. Strings, China, 2006 $300


Andreas Eastman, China, 2005 $800

West Coast Strings "Peccard", 

1/8 size violins;

Grottano, Reghin, Romania, $350

Scott Cao, Model GCV.V550 A, China 2009  $440

Mo Ling Song VL 200 $450

1/10 Size Violins-

Scott Cao model 017.

1/16 size violins;

Scott Cao

1/32 size violin-

West Coast String, V-9 2009 made in China, $350

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